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At Early Success Academy, we strive to provide the comprehensive educational needs of your child. Here, the child is the focus, the teacher the facilitator.

We approach each child's academic, creative, emotional, physical and social development as a unique and interconnected process. From the early years through adolescence, our goal is to provide students with age-appropriate educational and developmental experiences that encourage them to learn by making connections.

An experienced, perceptive faculty works to cultivate a familial environment in which each student can achieve his or her potential. Rather than imposing a finite, generalized body of knowledge, our curriculum stresses experience and the application of skills, tools, and understanding as the most effective method to build confidence and character.

Through a multitude of methods and environments, we work to engage our students in the learning process. By making it relevant to them personally, by helping them reflect on who they are and how they, as individual citizens, can apply their knowledge, we release them solidly into the world. They emerge from Early Success Academy self-assured in the quality of their ideas and actions, confident in their abilities, and well prepared for the path ahead.

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